Press Plate

The Press Plate Super Collector

Hello and welcome to my page dedicated to my favorite sports cards: Press Plates (also known as Printing Plates)! It all started back in the mid 90s when I developed a love for sports cards. I first collected the typical early 90s junk wax, but really loved the late 90s innovation that came with Press Plates, 1 of 1 Masterpieces and short print cards of all sports. 

While I bought, sold and traded all the short prints you could think of, Press Plates became my true Personal Collection passion!

Why Press Plates?

To me, there is such history associated with each plate. No other cards held by thousands of collectors around the world would exist without Press Plates. The Plates I'm holding in my hands have literally touched every other card inserted in packs. To me, that is rare, unique, and historical. I also love the challenge of trying to obtain all 4 Plates.  I also dabble in other short print cards and memorabilia of all kinds.

If you're interested in